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IrishDAO ( ☘️,🍻 ) is launching a range of high quality drinks, manufactured in Ireland using sustainable ingredients.

By purchasing an Irish God NFT you can become a member of the only community that's putting beer back into the hands of people.

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Organic. Low carbon footprint. Quality beers.


The lager is light, refreshing, using only Irish malt and Tyrone spring water, with a cultivated in house yeast strain.


A shandy made from Anam Irish citrus, low ABV, crushable session and ready for summer.


Using Organic apples from an Armagh family owned farm, this crisp Irish cider is perfectly balanced.

Why Irish Gods?

Apart from participating in the beginnings of a new brewery with Irishness and good vibes at its core, you can help us evolve and build the future of Irish Gods and more.

Apart from participating in the beginnings of a new brewery with Irishness and good vibes at its core, you can help us evolve and build the future of Irish Gods and more. We’re giving back a %age of the profits to charities as put forward and voted on by our community.

By getting a membership, you have a voice in the community and can help guide the direction of the project.

We want to enrich and enhance the lives of our members and more, but we need a helping hand to kick start things, this is what we're planning on launching.

Spring water
Brewhouse in Belfast
Bar in Dublin


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Founding Team

We’re a perfect team with a mixture of hospitality managers, brewers, event organizers, marketing & branding experts who fell in love with blockchain, NFTs and DAOs, which makes this idea possible.

Soda & Burnsy

Owners of multiple award winning bars, festivals and events across Europe including Irelands largest award winning packaged cocktail product, Cocktail Keg Company with over 1.5 million cocktails produced. Creators of Ireland only indigenous citrus product, Anam Irish citrus.


Is a digital marketing and technology expert who helped create Nike’s crypto project, he’s also working on web3 products for Google, Meta and Fox.

The Brewmaster

The Brewmaster's will run the beer operation,  including cleaning tanks and other equipment used in the brewing process, selecting ingredients, crafting recipes, and testing the product.

Greasy Fringe

Is an advertising and marketing leader, having created marketing campaigns for a wide range of companies including Bushmills, Heineken, Jamesons Guinness and Harp. Also known to DJ at pool parties to roof tops, clubs, yachts, warehouses raves, lounges and fashion shows!


Has been developing smart contracts and tokens on the blockchain, Teddy will run the technology side of the token launch.


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Irish Gods. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on, this is just the beginning.

Seed Membership NFT sale

SUMMER, 2022

We’re raising money to help fund the setup of Irish Gods, to achieve this we are selling 500 IrishDAO membership NFTs.

This initial offering will provide the right to purchase into the future brands as well as governance rights.

50 seed NFTs to be held back for the founding team, partners and giveaways.

NFT ownership gives you:

  • Invites to beer tasting sessions with the founding team

  • NFT owners decide on the final recipes for new beers

  • Whitelist access for future product launches

  • Buy beer at cost (max limit per month)

  • Free merchandise, and discounts on online orders

  • Every quarter propose and vote on a charity for the age% of profits

  • Involvement on next product range

  • Access to all stage 2 benefits and more as we grow

What we’re doing with the funds:

  • Creation of the Irish God Brand Design and the 3 packaging designs for each drink

  • A tasting event only for IrishDAO Members NFT holders to decide the final recipes

  • Samples of each final products delivered to your home

  • We will continue our “Cuckoo brew” of the beer, (brewing the beer in a rented brew house)

  • Design and produce the NFTS for Irish Gods NFT Drop 1

  • Finalize legal structure and company setup

General Membership sale

scheduled for Q4, 2022

We’re minting Irish Gods NFTs, which gives holders discounted rates to drink, as well as voting rights on future products, recipes and more.

Brewhouse NFT sale

scheduled for 2023

We’re raising money to help fund the purchase of a brewhouse, enabling a permanent setup for large scale production.

Bar NFT sale

scheduled for 2023

We want to bring back high quality Irish bars, no better place to start than Dublin City Center.

NFT holders will get discounts and special access, plus more to be announced.

Future Drops

Once we have a stable and success business in Irish Gods, we will open the next steps to the community for input.

As profits are fed into our community charity projects and IrishDao Members, we feel it’s important that this is a community decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

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